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What is the difference between Bellini Collection bags and Low Cost bags?

Handbags which you see in our Bellini Collection category are made according to high standards. In fact our Bellini factory also produces for brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Furla. Therefore the grade of materials used, construction, detailing are of high standard, such as to withstand the fastidious quality requirements of our high end retailers like the Japanese department stores Takashimaya, who literally place our bags also under X-rays! Overall, Bellini Collection handbags are more classical designs intended for years of usage.

Whereas handbags found in our Low Cost collections are trendy, fast-changing styles designed for seasonal use and for an attractive price to generate high sales volumes. It is mostly the designs which are simpler in construction and engineered for manufacturing speed, which enables us to offer a low price. Materials are sourced commercially (versus custom made for us as in Bellini Collection) but still we employ genuine leathers from Italian tanneries. Other details allow us to keep pricing competitive such as metal zipper pulls versus the labour consuming leather ones; nylon lining instead of cotton, twice painted edges instead of four times etc.)

What are the prices of these handbags?

Our price range is from Euro 25 to 75 depending on size, type of leather, complexity of design etc.

What is the usual markup/profit margin?

Typically your retail price will be 2.5 to 3 times your cost. In general this gives you enough profits and covers shipping and customs fees (when applicable) while at the same time keeping the price competitive.

How can I place a wholesale order?

You can order ONLINE from our wholesale shop! See “Ordering” paragraph at the top of this page for details. Or you can place it when visiting us in Florence.

Can I visit Bellini handbag factory and showroom?

Yes of course! We invite you to visit us so that you can immediately get a feeling for our product quality and see all styles and colour combinations directly! During your visit you can place your orders for manufacturing as well as purchase any quantity of in stock handbags! Please contact us a few days prior to your visit to book an appointment and arrange for meeting.

Can I buy a sample to see the quality of your handbags?

Yes, please let us know desired item. Please visit the “Ready to Ship” section of our online catalog to see availability. We will verify availability in stock and get back to you to confirm. Single or double samples are sold at MSRP price but we will give you back the difference between retail and wholesale price when you will place your first wholesale order. You can buy samples at wholesale price if you purchase more than two. See details above under “Ordering”. –

Will they sell well?

All these handbags have been fine tuned over the years, season after season to be very successfull sellers. All the ingredients for success are there: attractive, trendy designs, top quality Italian leather and craftmanship, attention to details and a price that places these fashion handbags within the reach of a wide target of consumers. These fashion handbags are currently selling under private brand at world famous boutiques and franchises worldwide, such as the prestigious Takashimaya department stores in Japan, as well as through other channels such as tv shopping.

Are these handbags original designs?

Yes they are all original Italian designs. No copies, no replicas. You can rest assured, they are thoroughly tested and exposed products. Great care is taken not to reproduce proprietary top brand designs or hardware, not even by mistake.

Which is the brand? Can you make them with my brand?

The handbags are sold unbrande (just “Genuine Leather Made in Italy” embossing or metal plate
inside) or under our brand “Bellini”. However, we are proud to be able to brand them with your
own logo! Create your own line of products quickly and inexpensively. Just send us the artwork
in digital format and we will create a metal stamp to stamp your logo on the leather. Setup costs
about Euro 150. There is a full range of branding options available: download branding options
sheet here You can also forward your paper and price tags/barcodes. They will be attached to
the handbags here while they are manufactured so that they will be ready for your store’s shelves
as soon as you pull them out of the box! Private label is the fastest growing trend. Capitalize on

Where are the handbags made?

All the handbags shown are Made in Florence, Italy, employing local skilled labour in compliance with EU regulations. Locally tanned leathers are employed. Our area in Italy in fact has some of the most famous tanneries in the world.

Are the handbags in stock or do I have to order them?

There are usually a few thousand handbags in stock. Please visit the “Ready to Ship” section of our online catalog to see availability. However as inventory changes daily it is difficult for us to let you know exactly what is available at a given time. After you place order from our online shop we will promptly verify availability and let you know. Note that handbags in stock are with either unbranded or with the Bellini brand. Unbranded handbags bear the stamp inside “Genuine Leather – Made in Italy”. If you want the bags with your logo (private label), they must be manufactured for you.

The items will then be made to your specifications and quantities usually within 2-3 weeks.

How do I place an order?

Just place your order through our online shop. Confirmation will be given very quickly and then if all is agreable a proforma invoice will be issued itemizing pricing and delivery terms. If you are e an EU business you must have a VAT number to purchase VAT-free. Otherwise we will have to add 22% VAT to the wholesale prices published in our store.

Is it possible to choose different colours and leather types?

Yes of course. The same styles can be made in different colours and different leather types. Please note that not all styles can be made with all leather types. For example it is not possible to make a very stiff, constructed handbag with very soft suede leather as it would not keep the shape.

Colours usually in stock are: black, tan, red, light brown, cream, beige, dark brown, navy blue. However it is possible to source almost any colour and an infinite variety of types of leathers. Your visit here for particular choices of leather is recommended. Extra time may be needed for delivery of particular leather colours. When choosing colours think of this: 50% of handbags sold worldwide are black and brown, all the other colours combined make up the other 50%!

Can I put my logo / brand on the bags?

Yes, we do private label, which is a fast growing trend. Please review the branding options pdf sheet here. Those described are tried and tested, quick and reasonable ways to brand our handbags with your logo. We can of course develop special branding items for you (like custom hardware) or you can send your own! Contact us with your branding ideas and we will offer specific feedback about your project.

Colours usually in stock are: black, tan, red, light brown, cream, beige, dark brown, navy blue. However it is possible to source almost any colour and an infinite variety of types of leathers. Your visit here for particular choices of leather is recommended. Extra time may be needed for delivery of particular leather colours. When choosing colours think of this: 50% of handbags sold worldwide are black and brown, all the other colours combined make up the other 50%!

What are the minimum quantities for an order?

THERE IS NO MINIMUM ORDER WHEN BUYING PRODUCTS IN STOCK. For manufacturing orders (products not in stock or for which you want your brand inside) a minimum of 10 pcs per style per colour is required. The total order must be of at least 50 pcs total order minimum. (you can mix styles and colours to reach the minimum of 50 pcs).

What is the lead time for orders?

Items in stock will be shipped immediately after payment is received. Manufacturing orders are completed within 3-4 weeks from order confirmation (receipt of a deposit payment). However plan with plenty of advance. There are certain times of the year when production is extremely busy and times when things are slower. However we will let you know the specific leadtime upon your inquiry.

What are the prices? Do they include shipping and customs?

The average FOB prices are between Euro 35 and 75.

The prices indicated are FOB Florence, Italy. Shipping is NOT included, though we can arrange it for you if you don’t have a contract with a particular freight. If delivery is outside the EU, custom fees will usually be requested for the goods to clear customs. Custom fees are also NOT included in our pricing and they vary from country to country. Please consult with your country’s customs office or with your freight to find out rates and any particular documentation required for customs clearance of leather goods Made in Italy. Very broadly speaking custom fees for leather goods range from 5 to 10% of invoice value.

How are the bags packaged?

The handbags are stuffed with tissue paper to keep their shape.They are then individually placed in a clear cellophane bag. Cellophane or paper protections are placed over delicate handles and hardware parts. A dustbag with the Bellini brand logo is included with each bag if you order with Bellini logo. (if you are doing private label then dustbags with your logo can be ordered separately).

The bags are shipped in cartons usually measuring 63 x 70 x 50 cm. On average one carton holds fifteen to twenty bags and weighs about 25 Kg. Bags cannot be packed tighlty or their shape can be damaged, hence their volume is more important than weight for freight estimates.

Who do I pay to? What are payment terms?

You will pay your order to us, Italia Consultant (owner of the brand Bellini), once order is confirmed and proforma invoice sent to you. Upon receiving deposit payment your order will be processed. Balance payment will be requested when your order is Ready to Ship.In the case of Ready to Ship items, the full payment is requested at once.

What type of payments are accepted?

Bank money transfer is the standard (T/T). Credit card through PayPal is also accepted for orders up to Euro 5,000.

Can you manufacture my own designs?

Yes we can! For this purpose we employ a special laboratory for prototyping your designs into samples before production. We require tech packs or good sketches of your designs from all views in order to manufacture your protoypes. Note that the standard minimum for custom designs is 100 pcs per style (assorted in 2-3 colours). We follow all particular aspects of your production, sourcing leather, hardware, designers, labels, planning costs and even marketing and branding details.


Prices shown in our wholesale store DO NOT include shipping, customs fees, customs duties. Prices indicated are EXW Florence, Italy. If you have a freight that you work with (Express freight like Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT or commercial freight) we can contact your freight for pickup. Otherwise we can get an estimate for you from local specialist freight companies. We recommend air freight for orders up to 500 pcs. If you have never imported leather goods before, we recommend that you consult with your country’s customs service or freight company to find out about any applicable duties, fees etc to import goods in your country. For customs purposes, the goods imported will be “calf leather handbags Made in Italy. All goods we will ship with itemized invoice displaying actual price, packing list, declarations where necessary, such as Washington convention, dual-use etc.