About us

About us


Bellini handbags is today an appreciated brand specialized in the creation and production of leather products, bags and accessories made according to the best italian craftsmanship with a special focus on research and innovative materials and design. A winning mix of tradition and modernity with an unmistakable Italian taste.


Bellini brand handbags take advantage from the fact of being in the middle of the world’s premier manufacturing district for luxury handbags. In fact Bellini uses many of the same suppliers for quality Italian leather and metal fittings as the world’s top 20 brands, therefore delivering outstanding quality at very competitive prices.

Bellini brand is investing continuously in new designs, materials, marketing campaigns and technological innovation such as the new intelligent handbag interior lighting system (in prototype phase at the time of writing).

Bellini are specialists in private label manufacturing. We offer a number of cost effective, proven branding options, as well as total customization according to customer directions.

Thanks to its history, appealing style, affordable price and Italian quality,
Bellini now feels ready to approach world markets with confidence
and to find success among consumers eager to distinguish themselves by the Made in Italy fashions.
Bellini brand is now high ranking in search engines together with world famous brands.